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Burner - Gas

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Midco International, Inc.

Economite EC 200 & EC 300 Power Gas Burners

The standard Economite EC Series Power Gas Burners are engineered to match a wide variety of applications. The compact design not only meets or exceeds industry standards; it also packs a lot of power for its size. Installation is effortless with our integrated junction box and universal mounting flange.

Midco International, Inc.

Economite Power Gas Conversion Burners

The Economite is designed to convert any type of residential or commercial oil designed boiler or furnace into a long lasting, trouble free gas fired installation of unexcelled efficiency. A small, silent multivane blower furnishes air in the correct amount for complete combustion regardless of varying flue drafts. The burner is shipped fully assembled, tested and ready for installation.

Midco International, Inc.

Economite RE6000 Series Power Gas Burners

The Economite RE6000 Series Power Gas Burner is engineered to serve a wide variety of applications or accommodate the OEM's specific requirements.

Midco International, Inc.

HMA-2 Direct-Fired Gas Burners

Our innovative two stage combustion burner is not just a modification or improvement of the old, but a completely new approach to direct-fired combustion. The two-stage combustion improves control of the flame process, meets and exceeds the new ANSI Standards while outperforming the competition. By having two separate flames within the burner combustion zone, the flame is more stable, shorter and cleaner, permitting the reduction of emissions levels and allowing for higher temperature rise and higher tolerance to varying conditions when placed in the profile opening.

Midco International, Inc.

Incinomite Spark Ignited Gas Burners

The Midco Incinomite models with their rugged and foolproof designs, have become the incinerator industry standard. Model J83-DS features direct spark ignition. The self contained electronic system produces instantaneous spark ignition. Continuous monitoring by our solid state system verifies flame or the burner automatically locks out. The ignition trial period is a positive and meaningful safety feature. The J81A-3 and J121A-3 Incinomites feature a spark ignited intermittent proven igniter (pilot) with 100% safety shut-off and up to 1200 MBH input capacity.

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